Goldfinch Garden Design provides expert consultation, design, installation, and ​maintenance services tailored to enhance the ecological benefits and aesthetic ​appeal of residential and commercial spaces. By using native plants and ​sustainable practices, we create thriving, harmonious gardens that increase ​biodiversity, support pollinators, and add joy and value to local properties.

“In the world I envision, landscaping practices will no longer degrade local ​ecosystems; landscaping will become synonymous with ecological restoration. ​We will not be living with less; we will be enriching our lives with more--- more ​pollination services; more free pest control; more carbon safely tucked away in ​the soil; more rainwater held on and within land for our use in a clean and ​fresh state; more bluebirds, orioles, and pileated woodpeckers in our yards; ​more swallowtails and monarchs sipping nectar from our flowers. Indeed, ​more species of all kinds will inhabit our landscapes, increasing the stability ​and productivity of our ecosystems. This proactive approach to earth ​stewardship will no longer be the unfulfilled dream of a few environmentalists, ​but a culturally embraced imperative, not only because we have no other ​choice, but because it works. It is nature's, and thus humanity's, best hope.”

-Douglas W. Tallamy, Nature's Best Hope

Custom Designs:

Whether you're looking to create a tranquil sanctuary at home or an inviting outdoor space for your business, our custom ecological garden design services are tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Carefully considering your aesthetic goals and the unique environmental conditions of each site, we’ll work closely with you to create a beautiful garden that also supports wildlife and promotes biodiversity while minimizing maintenance and intervention, drawing on the principles of permaculture design.

What sets our services apart? Our native plants are sourced from a local nonprofit organization that supports food access initiatives, ensuring that your investment also directly contributes to the well-being of your local community. Additionally, custom designs include original, professional illustrations to help you envision how your mapped design will look after installation is completed.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and bring your vision for a lush, sustainable landscape to life!

Pricing for custom designs:

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality work at an affordable rate while remaining as transparent as possible about all aspects of the project cost. Our price structure is as follows:

consultation and design ($60/hour)


installation labor ($33/hour)


amendments/invasive species removal/hardscaping (variable)


plants ($7-8/plant for most herbaceous plants)


ongoing maintenance ($33/hour)


Not sure if you’re ready for a detailed full design, but want some guidance in making your garden goals a reality? We offer consultation services as well. During an hour-long site visit, we’ll establish your goals, vision and obstacles, then Molly will create a detailed document outlining suggestions specific to your needs and concerns. These generally include:

  • a list of plant species that would thrive in your particular site conditions and offer the ecological and aesthetic benefits you seek
  • a list of existing plants you may want to consider removing or replacing, such as invasive species that are ecologically damaging in this region, and step-by-step instructions for removal
  • amendments or strategies to remedy specific challenges you’re facing
  • suggestions for incorporating permaculture principles into your existing landscape design to reduce overall maintenance and make your site more sustainable in the long term

Pricing for consultations:

While pricing is scalable depending on the depth and detail you’d like to go into, a standard consultation is $299.


Want some professional help with gardening or maintenance on your property? Our fun, friendly, knowledgeable team can lend a hand with seasonal plant care, organic soil management, manual weed removal, organic pest control and disease management, invasive species removal, seasonal adjustments and planting, and more.

Pricing for gardening and maintenance labor:

$33 per hour per laborer


Molly Finch is a nature-loving, adventure-seeking human who hails from the bighearted small town of Yellow Springs, OH. With a BA in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME, Molly has always been deeply interested in exploring the intricate interplay between humans and nature. She is committed to fostering a shift in our relationship with the environment from one of harm to one of mutual benefit.

Molly's journey in environmental education and conservation began at the Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center, where she served in various roles, including naturalist educator, lead naturalist and raptor center assistant. Here, she provided science-based, experiential education, nurturing a connection between young people and nature. Her commitment to conservation extended through teaching plant science and sustainable farming in Maine, working with the marine research and conservation group Allied Whale, volunteering in avian rehabilitation, and conducting ecological field research supported by NASA grants. Molly’s adventure into sustainable living saw her embracing an off-grid lifestyle for five years as she traveled around the country, immersing herself in some of America’s most beautiful natural areas while climbing rocks.

Molly's commitment to a sustainable gardening practice is evident in her Permaculture Design Certification from the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute, as well as her organic gardening endeavors. She sells her produce to the eco-conscious local eatery MAZU, as well as at a small farm stand, promoting vibrant, locally-sourced food.

In addition to her love for ecological science, Molly is a landscape and wildlife painter with a passion for visual arts, design and sustainable handcrafts. When she's not playing in dirt or creating art, you can find her rock climbing, staring at birds or practicing the mandolin.

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